St. Patrick's Primary School

St. Patrick's Primary School


End of year school trip!

On Monday 14th June the P6&7 children visited Prison Island in Belfast for their end of year school trip.  The children put their skills to the test to gain points in crystal maze type activities.  A fantastic time was had by all. Please excuse the picture quality as the children were working in dim to dark conditions, 

Artist study -

Henri Rousseau
Over the past few weeks P6 & 7 have studied some of Henri Rousseau’s work.  They then recreated some of his most famous pieces.  Have a look through our ‘virtual’ gallery and see which ones you like the most. 

P7 preparing for their Confirmation

P7 children created some beautiful art work and research on their chosen Confirmation names.

WAU & Flowering plants

Our WAU topic is Flowering plants, we have been dissecting Tulips to look at the different sections.  We have explored different types of seed dispersal and we are beginning to make animations based on our findings. 

We made sure we word disposable gloves and goggles to protect ourselves from the pollen.

Exploring capacity

We explored the topic of capacity using real life containers and the water tray.  Having fun whilst learning!

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Minecraft Lessons

P6&7 have been continuing their Minecraft journeys with live lessons.  Jamie from the AmmA centre has challenged us to use electricity (redstone) to make our bridges more complex. 

More lessons like these to continue.

      Discovering our

love for poetry

P6&7 have been leaning about different poetry types.  We looked in-depth into the Walrus and the Butterfly by Lewis Carroll.  Some of the children loved the poem so much that they continued their learning outside at break time by drawing the characters from the poem. 

Getting to know one another again!

P6&7 enjoyed getting back together and playing with each other using the outside play equipment. Play is so important.