St. Patrick's Primary School

St. Patrick's Primary School


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P6 & 7 using real life measuring.

The children made apple crumble using their weighing skills learnt in class.  The apple crumbles were made with some of our own school & home grown apples.  The children used many real life skills including: weighing, measuring, peeling, grating, team work and most importantly washing up!!!

              Outdoor Learning

 Primary 6 & 7 explored measuring using our outside space.  The children really enjoyed real-life measuring.

We enjoyed playing Rounders for PE when we returned to school, it was great fun.

                                    LOCKDOWN WORK

Examples of Primary 6/7 pupils work which they have been doing using the Microsoft Teams Apps.

Well done and keep them coming :)


Creative and Imaginative Break Time for P 6 & 7 as they create their very own obstacle course.

P7 developed a Numeracy Trail around the school grounds. They then supervised groups of P6 children, as they took on each of the mathematical challenges.

Who said Maths can't be fun?