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Strep A and Scarlett Fever

As parents and guardians, it is only natural to feel concern at the recent increase in Strep A infections. So far, we have had no medically confirmed cases within the school and, thankfully, no serious cases of illness. We hope this remains the case. At this time of year, we are susceptible to a range of winter illnesses. If you feel that your child is unwell, then the best advice is to keep them at home.

Be wary of Whatsapp and social media posts, which often do little to increase awareness of a situation but rather serve to scare-monger and undermine the actual truth. PHA advice is to monitor closely and, if very concerned, then consult a health professional at the earliest opportunity.


Post Primary Admissions 2023/24

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Letter to Consultee- Consultation on Deferral of School Starting Age.......pdf


 Healthy Eating Resources to Support Parents

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November 2021 Healthy Breaks and Packed Lunch Resources Letter to Primary and Secondary Schools.PDF


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